What is an e-collar, and how does it work?

An e-collar is a collar with an electric stimulation mechanism (similar to an electric fence collar). The collar is controlled by a remote that the handler holds. The remote allows you to maintain full control of your dog up to 400 yards. Therefore, it gives your dog a lot of freedom and it saves you from worrying about your dog running off. It is not used as a punishment or a “shock collar” as many people assume, it is simply used as a training device for communicating with your dog. The e-collar produces a subtle electrical current between two contact points located on the collar. Poor quality, or outdated collars were used as “shock collars,” and inexperienced dog owners tried to use this device to scare their dog into submission. In the proven training method, we teach, your dog is never shocked into submission or abused.

Unlike a shocking device, the e-collar is used to get the dog’s attention and keep him or her focused on listening to the handler. It is the equivalent of someone tapping your shoulder to get your attention, or setting your phone on vibrate. We teach the dog to listen to those “taps” and that the “taps” mean, “I am trying to get your attention.”

Las Vegas K9 recently switched to using e-collars on their service dogs. Shortly thereafter, they took ‘top dog’ and ‘top agency’ at the Western States Canine Trials. Their obedience to the commands became faster, sharper, and instant because the dogs know exactly what is expected of them when given the commands. During the trials, the dogs are not allowed to wear the e-collars.

There is a reason that the top law enforcement agencies, military, and top federal agencies: patrol, detection, and search and rescue dogs are trained using e-collars!