2-Week Board and Train


  • 2 Weeks of Immersive Training
  • Your Dog Will Board w/ a Pro Trainer
  • 6 Guaranteed Commands
    • “Sit” (and Extended Sit)
    • “Place” and (Extended Place)
    • “Heel” and (On and Off-Leash Walking)
    • “Down” (and Extended Down)
    • “Down” (from Distance)
    • “Off” (Stop Doing What You’re Doing)
  • Working With Lots of Distractions in a Large Variety of Environments
  • Greeting Manners
  • Door Manners
  • Meal Manners
  • …and More!
  • After completion, the owner will receive a 2-hr one-on-one session to detail everything their dog does, and how to properly handle them.


This is a very popular program and is usually booked in advance.  Please contact us before paying online for this package.  You will drop off your dog, and 2-weeks later you pick up a dog that obeys flawlessly outside, off-leash, and with distractions.  This package includes the Off Leash K9 Training e-collar and a 15-foot leash.  The e-collar comes with a two-year warranty.  It is completely waterproof, and it has a range of 3/4 mile (1200 yards).  See our YouTube channel for numerous board and train before/after videos.

This 2-week program focuses on practical, everyday obedience that is completed with a high level of precision, outside, off-leash, with distractions.  This program provides a little of everything, including manners and socialization (dogs and people).  All behaviors are taught with high-level distraction proofing.

This package has a 100% guarantee.  If your dog struggles at home after completion, bring him or her back for complimentary refresher training.

2-Week Board and Train Obedience Curriculum:

    • Come
    • Sit
    • *Extended Sit
    • Down
    • *Extended Down
    • Place
    • *Extended Place (sit on a specific location that you point to (chair, park bench, etc)
    • Loose Leash Walking (walk right beside of you on a leash)
    • Off (Do not jump on me or anyone else.)
    • Extended Distance Obedience (obey commands from a distance of 50+ yards)
    • Heel (come to you, and sit behind your left leg)
    • Watch (stare at you until released)
    • Through (go in between your legs and sit)
    • Stand
    • Front (come to you and sit in front of you)
    • Focused Heel (stare at you the entire time they heel)
    • Touch (run and stand up against anything you point to)
    • Casting/Send Away/Load-Up (Sent away to a desired location/Load into vehicle/crate)
    • Leave It (Don’t touch/eat that)
    • Greeting Manners (no jumping)
    • Waiting politely at doors and gates (wait when they are opened until released)
    • Waiting politely for meals (until released)
    • Training with distractions (dogs and people)
    • 2-hour one-on-one session with the dog-owner detailing everything their companion does, how to handle their dog, and how to properly control him or her.

*Extended sit, down, and place mean your dog will REMAIN in the down, sit, or place position until you tell them to “break” (release them).